The club meets each week on a Thursday morning either face to face or online via Zoom.  It is a friendly and professional club where local people can network and enhance their businesses through referrals, lead generation and peer support. A sense of community is created amongst members which helps the local economy to flourish. Among the membership, a wide range of professions and trades are represented but there is plenty of room for more!

Benefits of Networking

There are many benefits to membership. Not least referrals and lead generation. The sense of fellowship and being part of a community of business people helps the individuals involved through a system of peer support such as sharing of information and new trends. Members also meet up outside of the weekly breakfast meeting too to get to know one another better and their businesses.

Meeting Format

The meetings begin with a short one to two minute introduction by each member. This is followed by referrals and the important lead generation session. Each lead is catalogued through slips which are filled in and logged.

Breakfast follows and then one member will take 10 to 15 minutes to tell the meeting more about their business or an aspect of it so other members can get a deeper understanding of what they do.

Guest speakers are also invited in and every six weeks or so to a peer to peer session on an aspect of business such as IT security, website content and use of social media, tax and accounting, or giving presentations for instance.

Meeting Agenda (Times are approximate)

7.00am            Arrive, welcome, informal networking

7.20am            Meeting start and Intro by Chairman

7.25am            Start of 1 minute presentations by each member (and guests)

8.00am            Contributions section (members exchange referrals and testimonials)

8.20am            15 Minute presentation by guest speaker

8.35am            Any other business, local events or news

8.40am            Breakfast

9.15am            Meeting close


Why join our club?

  • High Quality Leads
  • Peer Support
  • Exclusive Business Category
  • Personal Development
  • Relaxed & Supportive Environment
  • Local Businesses Supporting Local Community